We market our berries commercially under the name M&MBA, an acronym for Maberry & Maberry Berry Associates. The relationship of Maberry Packing and Curt Maberry Farm combines two families who have grown berries for nearly 60 years, processed them for over 30 years, and combined have over seven generations of berry growing experience. Our combined efforts grow and process berries for some of the best food companies in the world. Please visit the M&MBA website for more information: www.maberrys.com



Maberry Packing has been growing and processing strawberries since the early 1940's.  The Pacific Northwest strawberry varieties are known for their outstanding color and flavor.  Strawberries are low in fat, low calorie, and high in vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, and potassium.

Available packs include:

  • Sliced or whole - with or without sugar

  • Single strength puree

  • IQF whole

  • Custom packs by request



Maberry Packing is one of the largest raspberry growers and processors in the world.  The temperate marine climate and sandy loam soils of the Pacific Northwest are perfect for growing red raspberries.  Red Raspberries are a source of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, calcium and fiber.

Available packs include:

  • IQF Whole - 25lb case

  • IQF Baker's Grade - 25lb case

  • IQF Crumbles - 25lb case or 200lb drum

  • Single Strength Sieved Puree - 28lb pail or 400lb drum

  • Single Strength Seedless Puree - 28lb pail or 400lb drum

  • Custom packs by request



The Pacific Northwest is an ideal location for growing blueberries.  All our blueberries are pre-cooled, color sorted, and run through an IQF process to ensure a quality product.  Blueberries are full of flavor and are one of the healthiest fruits to eat.

Available packs include:

  • IQF Size Graded - 30lb case or 1,000lb tote

  • IQF Small - 30lb case or 1,000lb tote

  • Fresh or Frozen Straight Pack - 375lb drums